Nagado Taiko

Nagado taiko can be made in any size and to any specifications. Please call for quote.
Our Nagado Daiko are made of laminated staves tightly fitted, splined and glued into a cylinder and turned on a lathe to dimensions traditionally used in Japan. The ratio of the head diameter to the length and to the diameter of the middle of the body is approximately 1:1.25:1.25. The interior of the body is hand carved with a pattern that enhances the deep tones and increases the sustain. The finish on the body is a deep penetrating stain with a tough tung oil finish on top. The heads are of the highest quality, hand processed in our shop from fresh hides, strong with excellent resilience and sound, and pulled to a tension that will yield a good tone for the life of the head under all conditions. The kan (handles) are each hand forged in our shop
Diameter of Head Price
12 in. $1,000
14 in. $1,450
16 in. $2,000
18 in. $2,500
20 in. $2,900
22 in. $3,600
24 in. $5,000
28 in. $8,000
32 in. $12,000
36 in. $18,000
Larger Call for quote
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