Drums in Japan are an important aspect of the culture, necessary to art and ceremony, imbued with symbology and history. In Japan, a drum is part of every festival, encountered in every temple and an integral part of most musical and theatrical performances. It might be said that taiko sounds the heartbeat of Japanese culture. Taiko reaches deep into the psyche of Japan from ceremonies honoring the ancestors to celebrations of planting and harvest. Relationships between people as well as individual pathways are created through the vibrations of taiko and carried to places of spirit that are beyond definition, beyond words, to truth and knowledge.

Drums from all traditions have a spirit that is alive and vibrant. This spirit comes alive through the joining of wood, skins, metal and other materials that come from the trees, plants, animals and the earth. The spirits of earth, air, fire and water become the grandmothers of the finished drum, unseen but always remembered. When all of these elements come into harmony and relationship, with good thoughts and actions, a new life is brought into the world.

Miyoshi Daiko honors these traditions by hand processing raw materials in a way that gives voice to their spirits, allowing them to be part of the creation of a new drum that will benefit the people, the Earth and all of life. It is our hope that the prayers that go into Miyoshi Daiko drums, the prayers of the players and the prayers of all who hear these drums are sent out to the universe for healing and guidance.

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